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OPEN 建筑事务所  由李虎和黄文菁创立于纽约,2008年在北京建立工作室。现招聘资深建筑师、助理建筑师、出版助理、实习生办公地点位于北京市东城区方家胡同46号院A103

OPEN was founded by LI Hu and HUANG Wenjing in New York City, and established its Beijing office in 2008. Currently, OPEN seeks qualified applicants for the following positions; Senior Architect, Junior Architect, and Publication Assistant. They are also seeking qualified internship candidates. The OPEN offices are located in Building A103, No. 46 Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing.





OPEN建筑事务所 是一个国际化的建筑师团队。他们与跨越不同领域的合作者一起实践城市设计、景观设计、建筑设计、室内设计以及设计策略的研究与创造。相信建筑以其创新的力量,可以影响和改变人们的生活方式,同时在建造与自然之间达成平衡。

OPEN is an international team of architects, collaborating across different disciplines to practice urban design, landscape design, architectural design, and interior design, as well as the research and production of design strategies in the context of new challenges. We believe in the innovative power of architecture to transform people and the way they live, while striking a new balance between the manmade and nature.



OPEN has been widely recognized for its innovative work, with such recent awards as the 2016 Interior Design’s Best of Year Award, the 2015 AIANY Design Award, the London Design Museum’s Design of the Year 2015 Nomination, and the Winning Prize of WA Awards for Chinese Architecture, among others, and invited participations in international exhibitions like the Venice Biennale and the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial.


OPEN建筑事务所 有方空间 北京建筑招聘10




Some built and ongoing projects by OPEN include: Gehua Youth and Cultural Center, Garden School/Beijing No.4 High School Fangshan Campus, Stepped Courtyards, HEX-SYS, Tsinghua Ocean Center, Pingshan Performing Arts Center, Tank Shanghai and Dialogue by the Sea.


创始合伙人:李虎 + 黄文菁 | Founding Partners: Li Hu + Huang Wenjing


李虎,OPEN建筑事务所创始合伙人,曾任美国斯蒂文·霍尔建筑事务所合伙人及Studio-X 哥伦比亚大学北京建筑中心负责人。清华大学建筑学学士、美国莱斯大学建筑学硕士。在担任斯蒂文·霍尔建筑事务所合伙人期间,李虎负责设计了北京当代MOMA、深圳万科中心、成都来福士广场和南京四方美术馆等一系列都市建筑作品。2010年退出斯蒂文·霍尔建筑事务所,与黄文菁一起专注于OPEN建筑事务所的实践。

LI Hu, founding partner of OPEN, former partner of Steven Holl Architects, and director of Columbia University GSAPP’s Studio-X Beijing. LI received his B. Arch. from Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1996 and his M. Arch. from Rice University in 1998.During his partnership at Steven Holl Architects, LI Hu was responsible for some of the firm’s influential urban projects in Asia, including Linked Hybrid in Beijing, Vanke Center in Shenzhen, Raffles City in Chengdu and Sifang Art Museum in Nanjing. LI left SHA at the end of 2010 to focus on the practice of OPEN with partner HUANG Wenjing.  



HUANG Wenjing, founding partner of OPEN. HUANG received her B. Arch. from Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1996 and her M. Arch. from Princeton University in 1999. She is a registered architect of New York State and a member of AIA. Prior to OPEN, HUANG was a senior designer and associate in the New York-based firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners (formerly I.M. Pei Architects).



资深建筑师 2-3名  

1. 建筑或相关领域专业学位;
2. 拥有五年以上在国内外知名建筑事务所的工作经验,负责过中大型公共建筑项目全程的工作;
3. 有出色的设计能力、扎实的技术知识并且能够敏锐地关注细节。专门从事过幕墙设计或节点设计者优先;
4. 熟练使用AutoCAD/Rhino/Adobe等相关的工作软件;
5. 有良好的职业精神和责任心;具备良好的人际关系技巧,能够高效地领导设计团队。
6. 中英文俱佳者优先。

Senior Architect 

1. Professional degree in Architecture;
2. Five-year or more solid working experiences in professional architectural offices, having gone through all phases of design work for medium or large-scale public projects;
3. Good design sensitivity, sound technical knowledge, keen attention to details;
4. Very proficient in Rhino, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite and other related software;
5. Good work ethics and strong sense of responsibility; Good inter-personal skills and able to lead the design teams effectively and efficiently;
6. Bilingual in English and Chinese will be highly preferred. Current residency inside China is preferred.


助理建筑师 2-3名

1. 优秀的设计才能和突出的图面表达能力;
2. 思路清晰有条理,学习能力和学习欲望强烈,善于组织安排工作;
3. 建筑专业本科及以上学历或国外同等学历;
4. 拥有一年及以上作为全职建筑设计师的良好的工作经验(不包含实习);
5. 有良好的职业精神和责任心;有较强的沟通能力和团队协作能力;
6. 熟练使用AutoCAD/Rhino/Adobe等相关的工作软件;
7. 对设计充满热爱,拥有良好的身体素质和心理素质;
8. 中英文俱佳者优先。

Junior Architect  

1. Good design sensitivity and strong graphic presentational skills;
2. Clear thinker, quick learner and well organized;
3. Bachelor degree in Architecture required;
4. One year or more full time working experience in architectural offices;
5. Good work ethics and sense of responsibility; Good inter-personal skills and be able to work collaboratively;
6. Proficient in AutoCAD, Rhino, Adobe Suite and other work related software;
7. Passionate about design, able to excel under pressure;
8. Bilingual in English and Chinese highly preferred.


出版助理 1名

1. 擅长与人沟通,有媒体及出版行业工作经验者优先;
2. 具备出色的写作能力,尤其是英文书写;
3. 有良好的审美意识,具备一定的平面设计能力;
4. 对建筑、城市抱有兴趣和热情;
5. 熟练使用Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Office等办公软件;
6. 工作细致认真、有条理,学习能力强;
7. 新闻、文学、英语、建筑、艺术、设计或相关专业专业本科毕业生。

Publication Assistant 

1. Good inter-personal skills, work experience in Media or Publication field is highly preferred;
2. Good writing ability, especially in English writing;
3. Good sense of design and graphic design ability;
4. Passionate about architecture and city;
5. Proficient in work related software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Microsoft Office;
6. Meticulous and organized, a quick learner;
7. Undergraduate degree in Journalism, Literature, English, Architecture, Art, Design or related fields.


实习生 若干

1. 建筑专业本科大四以上或者研究生在读;
2. 实习期不短于三个月;
3. 有出色的设计能力和研究能力;
4. 熟练运用计算机软件或者擅长手工模型;
5. 有实践经验者优先;
6. 实习补贴:1500—3000元/月。

1. Master student or undergraduate student above grade 4, major in Architecture;
2. Minimum three months of internship;
3. Good design sensitivity;
4. Proficient with 3D modeling software or physical modeling;
5. Previous practice experience is preferred.



1. 请发送简历与作品集至公司邮箱,邮件标题请统一为“姓名+申请职位+有方招聘”,并于邮件正文注明薪金要求及起始工作或实习日期;
2. 简历中需包含个人信息、联系方式及个人近照;作品集中务必包含学生时期的作品,如果有绘画等有代表性的视觉艺术作品,也请提供;
3. 简历、作品集请直接以附件形式发送,格式为PDF,大小限于10Mb内,不接受任何压缩文件或下载超链接;
4. 请申请者在对OPEN的实践有所了解并确实感兴趣的基础上提交符合以上要求的申请;
5. 我们会在收到申请两周内,邮件或电话联系合格的申请者安排面试,请耐心等待。

Interested candidates please email CV and portfolio (in PDF format) to . Please kindly indicate salary expectations and available starting date. Attachment size is limited to 10Mb Max. Please do not include any compressed file or download link in the E-mail. We will contact qualified candidate for interview within two weeks.




歌华营地体验中心,Gehua Youth and Cultural Center


田园学校 / 北京四中房山校区,Garden School/Beijing No.4 High School Fangshan Campus


退台方院,Stepped Courtyards




清华大学海洋中心,Tsinghua Ocean Center


深圳坪山演艺中心(施工中),Pingshan Performing Arts Center 


上海西岸油罐艺术公园 (施工中),Tank Shanghai


海边的对话(施工中),Dialogue by the sea

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